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Botswana - Seswaa

The shredded beef literally uses 5 ingredients, 6 if you count water. It’s insanely easy to make, however it’s a pain in the ass waiting for it to cook. Four hours baking in the oven in low heat, and another hour simmering on the stove waiting to reduce the liquids. But this results in an amazingly tender beef that falls apart by simply a touch.

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Kenya - Swahili Chicken Curry

LOTS of ginger (2 whole roots) and LOTS of garlic (3-4 HEADS of it). You’d think it would be overkill. It wasn’t! At least not for me and Justin. I love that stuff! And for me, the more of it the better, at least the garlic portion. The taste of the ginger may have been slightly strong - you know how ginger has that very sharp taste? The after taste was kind of like that.

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Zimbabwe - Dovi

This... came out redder than I expected. Considering it’s a peanut butter base, I expected it to have a brown or tan color. I think it might have been from the amount of chili sauce I put in that added that extra bit of redness. Either way with color aside, this was delicious! I expected the stew to have an overwhelming taste of peanut butter but that was not the case at all. In fact, that flavor blended beautifully with all the other ingredients, despite using an entire CUP of peanut butter.

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