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Kenya - Swahili Chicken Curry

LOTS of ginger (2 whole roots) and LOTS of garlic (3-4 HEADS of it). You’d think it would be overkill. It wasn’t! At least not for me and Justin. I love that stuff! And for me, the more of it the better, at least the garlic portion. The taste of the ginger may have been slightly strong - you know how ginger has that very sharp taste? The after taste was kind of like that.

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Singapore - Chicken Rice

Did not mean to post THREE Asian dishes in a row, especially since I’m playing catch up and doing the dish that speaks out to me at any given time. But I don’t think you guys mind right? It’s chicken rice! Probably THE quintessential dish of Singapore. Every street vendor that serves this is probably top notch and amazing.

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Romania - Ciorba Radauteana

This is a very delicious sour chicken soup! Let me just say, this is like an enhanced chicken noodle soup. If you enjoy sour flavors, then this is basically a chicken noodle soup but with a delicious hint of sourness coming from the sour cream and lemon juice. I know we’re in the summer months, but this is pretty dang good. I highly recommend if you just need something to warm you up, without going outside.

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