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Netherlands - Dutch Stamppot

This dish isn’t anything “special” in the sense that it’s a pretty easy dish to make. But the combination of flavors is definitely a good one. It kind of comes off as an elevated poor man’s dish - potatoes and sausage - but the addition of endives (or kale) and drizzled with gravy gives this poor man’s dish a great twist.

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Germany - Schnitzel

I made schnitzel some time ago when we were still living in Chicago. We had a few friends over for Oktoberfest celebrations. Delicious beers and schnitzel. We made a lot, so naturally we had leftovers. Being from Eastern Europe, I grew up with this stuff and let me tell you, there are at least 4 different ways I can think of to eat this fried pork.

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Argentina - Locro

A lot of pictures show this as a yellow / tan type of dish so I was really worried I did something wrong. But I managed to find a few that matched mine in color – phew! This was surprisingly REALLY good, but it's hard not to be when you have all the wonderful meats simmering in this. Since this was at the very beginning of my WNTW journey, I still wasn’t as sensitive to heavy dishes, so I totally ate this with pride. It was really good!

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