Where did you get the idea for Who noms the world?

Funny you ask. You know that song Who Runs the World? From that one singer...? That was my inspiration. I'm not even part of the Beyhive, but I got really inspired from the song. I run the kitchen at home, haha. 


Can you do X country next?

I LOVE getting suggestions, so if you have a country or specific dish you'd really like to see, please feel free to shoot me a message, especially if I haven't done that country before. I'm also playing major catch up to post the countries I've posted on Instagram, so if I have something there that I haven't posted here, let me know and I'll make posting the recipe a priority!


Have another question? Please do feel free to contact me! 


What a great idea for a food blog! 

Thank you! I absolutely love to travel and my favorite thing to do when traveling is EAT! Unfortunately, there is just way too much food and way too many countries in the world to be able to see and eat it all. While I know I could never 100% recreate all the dishes in the world, this blog is my attempt to bring myself closer to that. Because of this blog, I've been able to experience so many new flavors and try so many new things I wouldn't have had otherwise. Cooking really does bring people together, and my hope is that I can either spark a conversation or bring people from all sorts of different backgrounds together. 


What do you use to photograph your food? 

I use an old camera that my parents got me for Christmas long, long ago. I have a Canon Rebel T1i. I primarily use my prime lens 50mm f/1.8. I may cheat a little and use the same photo set for my Instagram posts. I just really prefer the quality I get from a camera vs. iPhone.